Ever get the 2 oclock blues? Feel like rushing the cafeteria to re amp to get through the day? Wonder how can I get pumped ? We've got just what you need for hi voltage amp with the EXTRNRG! Put your little blue pills in the medicine cabinet and strap this thing on for all your needed high and lows without hitting the 2 oclock blues. For EXTR ease of snap the EXTR-NRG has x carbon placement just where you load up the binding s in the tip and tail giving you sweet boost and smooth landings. Twin tip design cause when you're amping it's fun to go both ways. Dose on this award winning design.


153cm, 155 wide, 156cm, 158 wide, 159cm

Tech - Park Twin Tip Design

  • +SINTRUDED B.S. Tech base
    +VERTWALLTM sidewall technology
    +TRIAXIAL fiberglass matrix
    +IBEAMTM carbon laminates
    +INTELLIGENTcoreTM technology
    +TRIRADIALTM sidecut technology
    +MEN'S Park flex pattern

Tech Jibber Jabber

extrtxtr Icons
  • Sizes / Base
extrtxtr Board
SIZE: (cm) 149 151 154 157 160
Effective Edge (cm) 118 120 121 122 124
Sidecut Radius (cm) 6.70 7.00 7.70 8.00 8.10
Waist Width (mm) 247 249 251 252 254
Stance Setback (cm) 1 1 1 1 1
Rider Weight (lbs) 100-160 100-160 125-185 140-195+ 150-195+