Simple fact: the new Omatic Benatar is the board you've been waiting for. First off, it looks cool. Not Juicy, not Pink, no strip-mall chic. Nope, no faux gold. We get you and yes, you're welcome. Instead of dream catchers and rainbow unicorn graphics, our ironic "story" behind the Benatar is that it's actually just a really good, high-performance board. It's packed with all the features to make it badass. The INTELLIGENTcore™ is stiff enough for charging the park, yet supple in all terrain. X-Beam carbon laminates add snap to the forgiving, gender-tuned flex pattern - it's all inside. Not a mere decoration for the slopes, the new Benatar takes women's riding another step in the right direction - so seriously, get wise.


144cm, 147cm, 149cm, 152cm, 155cm

Tech - twin Directional Design

  • + VERTWALL™ sidewall technology
    + BIAXIAL fiberglass matrix
    + XBEAM™ carbon laminates
    + INTELLIGENTCORE™ technology
    + DUALRADIAL™ sidecut technology
    + SINTRUDED base
    + WOMEN'S freeride flex pattern

Tech Jibber Jabber

Benatar Icons
  • Sizes
Benatar Board
SIZE: (cm) 144 147 149 152 155
Effective Edge (cm) 107 112 113 116 121
Sidecut Radius (cm) 7.30 7.70 8.20 8.30 8.40
Waist Width (mm) 237 243 243 244 246
Stance Setback (cm) 2 2 2 2 2
Rider Weight (lbs) 60-150 80-160 90-165 90-170 95-185+