Our brave captain, Todd Richards knows you're tired of sailing the seas of cheese looking for a new board. He knows you don't want to end up on some sorta leaky banana boat, so he's throwing you a lifeline. It's simple, TR will settle for nothing but the best of everything in one board, so he made his model totally Awesome. With nearly 20 years of board design knowledge in his head, TR put together a super light, park-tuned board that does it all. Inside, the featherweight CLEVERcore™ and Triaxial glass matrix combine for crispy pop. Dual Slant™ sidewalls deliver instant edge reaction for superb board control, while the X-Beam laminates keep it steady at high-speeds. Hook into the new Awesome and you'll be ready for the perfect storm.


153cm, 155 wide, 156cm, 158 wide, 159cm

Tech - Twin Directional Design

  • + SINTERED base
    + DUALSLANT™ sidewall technology
    + TRIAXIAL fiberglass matrix
    + POWERBEAM™ carbon/kevlar laminates
    + SMARTCORE™ technology
    + TRIRADIAL™ sidecut technology
    + MEN'S Freestyle flex patern

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  • Sizes
Awesome Board
SIZE: (cm) 153 155 wide 156 158 wide 159
Effective Edge (cm) 118 119 121 123 123
Sidecut Radius (cm) 7.20 7.35 7.70 7.75 7.80
Waist Width (mm) 248 262 250 264 252
Stance Setback (cm) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Rider Weight (lbs) 105-170 120-200+ 120-190 120-200+ 140-200+